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Talentsoft: [Webinar] Learning in 2020 - Train your people to become future ready

Thursday April 23rd, 11 AM CEST

Today more than ever, we see how rapidly our work environment can change radically in a matter of hours. And this entails, for many, drastic changes in our working behaviours to keep up with the current context.

We see a lot of our work becoming more digital, with some traditional jobs starting to disappear.

In this webinar, Neelie Verlinden, HR tech specialist, discusses with Valérie-Anne Monvoisin, learning expert at Talentsoft, the most important learning trends of this new decade. The up-skilling and re-skilling of people is becoming more important than ever nowadays and training plays a major role in this.

But how do you detect and map the skills already present in your organization? And how do you demonstrate the ROI of using learning software?

During this webinar you will learn:

  • What the most important learning trends are today
  • How to demonstrate the ROI of learning software
  • How learning tools can help you detect and map skills
  • How to create learning programs to up-skill and re-skill your people

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